Designing a platform that goes beyond just a dating app

About Sparker

Sparker is an app that lets people discover and meet interesting people nearby. It goes beyond just a chatting platform as it lets potential matches benefit from restaurant rewards and event informations, if they’d like to meet.

Our Task

Our young client wanted Sparker to be different than other dating apps in the market. The common experience around such apps is to swipe right and chat with people, but the idea behind Sparker was to enhance the experience of meeting friends online and offline. We were handed the task of designing an attractive and innovative UI for the dating app that outstands its competitors in terms of the theme, look, feel and functionality.

Discover interesting people near you

Match and chat with the people

Find events nearby and meet people

Get rewards when you meet your dates

Design Conceptualization

Our team of UI/UX designers started off by researching the market trend in dating apps and discovered what the users would most likely be comfortable using. They outlined several features and functionality that were up to the industry standard and only enhanced it further by adding a few core UX features. As the client only had a blur vision, we helped him ideate and come up with few outstanding features that are not usually found on dating apps.

Visual Design

Next we moved onto interface and visual design. Younger people and millennials being the target audience, the client had a clear vision for the designs. We kept the look, theme and feel very modern and simplistic. Added line icons and elements that enhanced the overall look. With minimal and important information placed correctly, we kept the design clean and clutter free and provided various versions to the client to choose from.

Innovative profile and match screen

Although we kept the UI similar to other industry standards, we added fun elements in the profile and match screen to enhance the experience and provide an edge.

View online friends and rewards

To enhance the UX, we added a list view of matches that are online so users can easily tap on their photos and chat with them. We also added a rewards and offers icon so users can quickly access them.

View events nearby

An added feature to the platform was viewing events nearby with their detailed information. Users can also view the people interested /going to the event.

Get rewards for meeting matches

One of the top features of the app was rewards and offers at restaurants and cafes if they met there. To make it look aesthetically pleasing we added fun elements by using icons and logos.

Snapchat like built-in camera

Another outstanding feature was to integrate a snapchat like camera in the app which is very trendy amongst the youth. Our team suggested the client to add all these features to make his app different than that of competitors.

Final Takeaway

With ample number of competitors in the industry of dating apps, the client chose FewMoreTaps to create a product that would stand out from the current market expectations. We were happy to bring the product designs to life just how the client had imagined.

"Awesome, great stuff. You out here killing it" -

Daniel Patrick

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